KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 2nd Edition

KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 2nd Edition - 20% OFF on Judo traditional Equipment

The rainy season finally comes to an end in Japan, the sun is back and KuSakuraShop, as well as the team, is slowly getting back on track too after the past difficult months.

Although, let’s not forget that the number of cases is still increasing worldwide and that we all need to stay vigilant. At KuSakuraShop, we are now well prepared in the case of a potential second wave or any worsening of the situation.

On a different note, in August, we are still celebrating our 5-year online anniversary and it is not one discount but two that we will handle this month. For this midsummer discount, it is 20% on all Judo traditional equipment that we decide to offer our customers. Within this special selection, you will be able to find some KuSkakura’s flagship products such as the Dojin Master or the Sensei Japan Judogi, which turns out to be Mr.Hayakawa’s (KuSakura’s Chairman) favorite Judogi. Please note that this discount will only run until August 11th, 11 am (Japan Time).

July Report

  • All the participants of the KuSakuraShop Judo Quiz we handled in June, received their 5% participation discount code through a special newsletter only sent to quiz participants. If you didn’t receive this special newsletter but participated in the quiz, you can contact the customer support team who will ensure you have participated in the quiz and give you your special code valid for 3 months. Furthermore, all winners have also been contacted and reminded to claim their prize. However, it turns out that some prizes have not been claimed by the original winners and as stated in the quiz conditions, they will, therefore, be reassigned. If you were not part of the lucky one at first, you probably want to check your mailbox to see if this time luck is on your side!

We are already done for the first half of July. Although we also worked on some side projects since all our team is back in the office, it is too early to reveal them. Therefore, if it's not already done and if you would like to keep informed of our actualities, you can follow us on our social media Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

Enjoy this Anniversary 2nd Edition special discount and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop.

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