June Special Offer

15% Off on All Our Belts

Summer is near, forecasting not only beautiful days but also the exam period. Some of you may have planned to pass their grade very soon and what a better reward to celebrate this new chapter than a brand new belt coming right from KuSakura’s workshop in Osaka!

Jigoro Kano once said, “If there is effort, there is always an accomplishment.” Following these few inspirational words, KuSakura wishes to play a little role in its customers' success story. This is why this month, we are offering a 15% discount on all our belts. Most certainly, the perfect occasion to show to your counterparts how fruitful these long training sessions at the dojo have been. Note that this discount will be running until June 28th, just before our charity event.

May Report

  • May saw a new product line released on KuSakura Shop. Karate practitioners that are in the limelight now with the recent release of our exceptional Karategi line. KuSakura is well known to be one of the martial equipment brands with the best quality available, especially when talking about Judo. Nonetheless, with 75 years of experience in making high-quality Karategi, KuSakura naturally had the time to develop a strong expertise in this splendid martial art, which shares a common history and common values with Judo. Our Karate line consists of two made in China models, thoroughly made according to KuSakura quality standards, along with two made in Japan models. Our four Karategi have been designed and optimized in order to offer to our customers some polyvalence in their practice, emphasizing durability and comfort. Whether you are looking for a lightweight Gi as we move toward summer, a brand-new uniform to enhance your Kata performance, or a model specifically adapted to Ninjutsu or Kobudo, you will most certainly find what you need in our KuSakura Karate line.

Lastly, even though we had 6 days off at the beginning of May, KuSakura surely starts the new era under good omens. Although June is set to be productive on our end, it will most certainly be a little bit calmer due to all summer preparations.

Keep updated on KuSakura actuality!

Enjoy the discount, have fun on the mats and see you in our shops!

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