February Special Offer

10% OFF on all Karategi!

Watching Japan dressing in its white-snowy coat is always something quite inspiring for us, martial art practitioners, always searching for self-fulfillment through the values of Zen and self-forgetfulness.

After having started 2020 by providing Judo competitors with brand new Judo gears, we decided to start the new Chinese year of the rat emphasizing on another martial art. In February, it is the turn of our fellow Karateka to enjoy KuSakura’s product quality at the best price, for it is 10% OFF on our high-end Karategi line that we offer you this month. Extremely appreciated among our customers, the Semi-Heavy Black Karategi Ninjutsu & Kobudo is, of course, part of this offer! Note that this monthly discount will only run until February 28th, 4 pm Japan time.

January report

  • As mentioned above, Judo competitors were on the spotlights this month with a discount especially designed for them. The discounted IJF belts received a warm welcome after some of you were disappointed not to be able to enjoy our October and December belts discounts. Among all, this is the JOVB and the JOIB models that were the most popular.
  • As mentioned in our previous actualities, with the closing of our partner Seido’s former website, the then called BudoExport, our team worked on the transfer of all the products present on the closed platform to kusakurashop.com. This construction work has been ongoing for a long time but our team did their best so that the new KuSakura’s product can be released within February.

Although the activity restarts slowly in 2020, the shop will evolve at a fast pace in the following months. New products will be released progressively widening significantly our high-end product lines, providing a better diversity in our equipment offer and allow us to give the opportunity to practitioners of other martial arts to also enjoy the KuSakura experience.

As exciting sounds February, we highly recommend staying tuned on KuSakura’s actuality to be aware of the latest news and release.

Enjoy our discount and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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