January Special Offer

15% OFF on a selection of competition wear!

As it is customary around the world, on behalf of all the KuSakuraShop staff, we wish you a Happy New Year, full of good surprise and rewarding experiences inside and outside the Dojo!

After all these festivities and good times spent with your relatives, the batteries are fully charged and you are now ready to get back on the mats! New year, also means new resolutions to follow, and to give this new decade a kicking start, we are sure that gear up to perform in competitions is on your resolution list. Good news! It is also on KuSakuraShop’s list to keep providing its customers with the highest quality of Judo equipment. For the first month of 2020, it is 15% OFF on a selection of competition wear that we offer! Please note that this offer will only be running until January 30th, 10 am Japan time.

Whether you need a brand new IJF approved Judogi, belts or a Sauna suit to prepare a forthcoming competition, we are certain that you will find what you need to face 2020’s challenges.

December report

The end of 2019 was quite busy for both our workshops and our team in Tokyo that has speeded their production process up and organization to fulfill all the Christmas gifts.

  • Within the month, we were able to offer two discounts in order to mark the occasion, one on all accessories and another on all 2019’s bestsellers.
  • The end of the year was also the occasion for us to undertake an annual report on everything that happened on KuSakuraShop in 2019 as well as to define our objectives and plans for 2020. You can read this report on our website here.
  • We released a new article on the KuSakuraShop blog. In this article, we are focusing on the Sashiko fabric and giving some more information about the several features of this traditional fabric that built KuSakura’s reputation within the Judo community.

As mentioned in our annual report, a lot of new products will make their arrival in 2020. Not only Judoka, but also other martial art practitioners will be able to enjoy KuSakura’s pledge of quality. The KuSakuraShop blog will also see the release of some new articles and a special event is coming.

This year again and more than ever, our staff is determined to offer you the best KuSakura experience, whether it is with our products or on our websites.

Stay tuned on our actuality and enjoy the discount.

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