December Special Offer

15% OFF On All Accessories & Bags!

The autumn colors of the Momiji leaves (Japanese maples), get Japan dressed with a flood of yellowish colors while Christmas magic is on its way.

With our annual #BFCM program, the most foresighted of you were able to check the last box of their Christmas wish list with our exceptional discount on all our products. Now, the KuSakuraShop staff offer you the opportunity to complete the new equipment set your recently acquired with some more-than-useful accessories in the Dojo. It is 15% OFF on all accessories & bags available on the website that we offer you, until December 19th, 10 am (Japan time).

This year, it is 300,000 JPY that has been collected for charities during KuSakuraShop’s Black Friday and we would like to thank all our customers for this outstanding collective endeavor that will be of great help to the three organizations we support. Thanks to all KuSakuraShop’s staff members and to the Judo community, this Black Friday has been a huge success.

As we approach from Christmas and the same way as November were, December will be a rather busy month, both for our workshop in Osaka and our website staff offices in Tokyo.

Enjoy the discount and stay tuned for KuSakuraShop actualities!

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