BFCM 2020: Backing For Craftsmen campaign

We Love Judo, we Love our Craftsman!

20% OFF on All Judogi & Belts

This year has been special, tough and tiring mentally for everyone, everywhere in the world.

As you know, the textile and the martial art industry are far from being spared and the situation is actually very close to catastrophic here. Although we manage to survive here in Tokyo, KuSakura’s workshops in Osaka are almost totally stopped and a partial unemployment scheme has been implemented for most of the employees. Fun fact (not really though), it is most probably the first time in KuSakura’s history that almost all the weaving machines are stopped, the overall production currently being carried out on a per order basis.

Most Dojos are still closed in Japan, as they are in most of the world, and it seems that they won’t reopen before months.

Here in Tokyo and in our workshop in Osaka we are holding on, trying to do our best to keep providing the world with the best Judo equipment on the market. But as things are now, we cannot foresee a forthcoming end to this situation and things will not be back to normal anytime soon, which leaves our craftsman in a rather blurry future. If we don’t react as soon as possible, it is a whole industry that is at risk and the worst could, unfortunately, happen rapidly. 

This is for these reasons that here in Tokyo, we decided to try something for our industry, and that we came to the point to ask our community for solidarity. This year, we would like to run a special campaign to support our craftsmen and the work they provided for years. We will do so by offering an exceptional 20% OFF on all our Judogi and Belts for this year's BFCM offer. Please note that this special offer will only be running until December 1st.

Along with this special discount, we will also publish one post per day on our Facebook page. These posts will have the objective to give you further information about our craftsmen, their work and how they proceed to make all the Judogi you can order on our website. So if you are not following us yet on Facebook, it is the perfect opportunity!

All in all, it is certainly not in KuSakuraShop Brand’s Ethic to offer monstrous discounts during the BFCM that encourage the mass consumption and support a system we do not agree with. But considering the rather difficult situation our workshops are facing, we would rather try something to support and bring some sustainability to our industry and if it can make our customers happy by giving them the opportunity to put a brand new Judogi under the Christmas tree, it is a success for us.

For our customers, it is now the best time of the year to gear up looking forward to the general reopening of the Dojo and competitions. We are enthusiastic about this opportunity that we give to our community to make a good action that will support our craftsmen and, in a way, thank them for their incredible work in always making outstanding products. The KuSakura community has always been present in difficult times for us and we are certain that it will not stop.

Take care of yourself, of your surroundings and enjoy this incredible discount!

See you very soon on KuSakuraShop!

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