#BackToTheDojo Special Offer

15% Off our selection of Essential Products

Summer is about to end, time to get back to school... and to the Dojo.
In Japan, they never really close, but Summer is still the moment when people can enjoy some more relaxed time during the short O'Bon week and a couple of other national holidays. It's also the moment to go to retirements with your Dojo mates and to enjoy practicing by 35°C in old traditional places without air conditioning! It strengthens both body and mind.

But that time of bliss is coming to an end, and now it's time to get back to regular practice and academic training. To get you started, we've decided to apply our monthly discount to some of the most essential products of our catalogue: 15% off, that's what you get to gear up and start off on the right foot with a brand new outfit that will make your Dojo mates envious!

Benefit from this discount until September 28th, 10 am JPT.

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