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15% OFF on Our New Season-Essential Selection

It’s the end of summer holidays and the return to regular training sessions at the Dojo! We hope that you enjoyed your summer seminars for those who participated in some and that you are ready to get back to the Dojo on a sound basis.

After a rather cloudy summer, the incoming new season suggests a sunny spell in Japan, and we naturally thought about our customers by offering this month 15% on a selection of 10 essential products suiting both beginners and competitors. Whether it is a new bag to carry all your equipment safely, a brand new Judogi to get back to competition, or a Hanbo to work on your Kata, you will most certainly find what you need to start this season perfectly. Please note that this discount will end on September 26th at 10 am (Japan Time).

August Report

  • The World Judo Championship has just ended and KuSakura was naturally present during the whole event with a booth crowded with passionate Judoka and determined athletes. We had the occasion to attend to some rounds which the best shots will be available soon on our social media. You can already find a picture of the fierce match opposing the Georgian Lasha SHAVDATUASHVILI against the Japanese Shohei ONO, winner of the -73 kg this year.

The summer season was the occasion for some of us to take some rest but also to prepare September and the return to the Dojo season. As usual, during this period, we foresee a rather busy month for our workshops in Osaka. But rest assured that everything is ready to make you live the best experience with KuSakura products as possible.

Enjoy the #BackToTheDojo discount and see you very soon on KuSakuraShop.com.

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