5th Anniversary KuSakuraShop International - Final Edition

KuSakuraShop International 5th's Anniversary - 20% OFF on All Kata Equipment

It’s been a year that KuSakura’s weapon line has not been discounted and it is now time!  In September, we usually handle our annual “Back To The Dojo'' selection but for this final edition of our 5th online anniversary, we actually decided to offer a 20% discount on all Kata Equipment. Judoka, Karateka and Kendoka, will definitely find what their heart desires with this exceptional discount. 

The reason why we decided to replace our annual selection by a special Kata discount is simple. Given the current situation we are all facing with the COVID-19 outbreak, nothing is better than practicing our Kata to keep social distances, to protect yourself and others while practicing your passion. Moreover, KuSakuraShop anniversary is the occasion to run bigger discounts than usual, it is then the perfect occasion to give our customers the opportunity to easily gear up for their Kata practice and at the best price!

Please note that this discount will only run until September 30th.

Please keep yourself and your surroundings safe and Enjoy our exceptional discount.

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