2021 New Year Discount

10% OFF on all Shinai & Kendo Accessories

First of all, on behalf of all the KuSakuraShop team, Happy New Year to all our customers and may this year be a little bit better than the previous one whether it is on the mats or in life in general.

The covid-19 outbreak led us to tough situations and decisions and unfortunately, it is not behind us as we cannot yet see the end of the tunnel. But together we can make it and hopefully, better days are coming very soon!

Because we made great discounts for our Judoka customers since the last Black Friday, we wanted to make a special offer for our fellow Kendoka for the start of 2021. This month, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all Shinai and Kendo accessories! Whether you need a classic Shinai, a made in Japan Madake or a suburi Shinai to work on muscular development and technique, it is the perfect offer to start the year with a brand new weapon!

Please note that this offer will be live only until February 2nd, 5pm (Japan Time).

Please note that we will be closed on Jan 28th (Thu) and 29th (Fri) for our annual inventory (taken into account in the shipping date announced on the website).

December Report

  • We handled a special discount on a Christmas selection that was actually well received, especially during the first part of the month, when Christmas gift lists were not done yet. This special offer can be seen as an expansion of our BFCM offer which aim was to help our craftsmen whose situation was and still is to a certain extent, more than dramatic. However, thanks to these discounts, we have been able to see the unyielding support of the KuSakura community and for this, we would like to send a big thank you to all those who ordered to support us!
  • Although the situation is quite complicated here due to the Covid, we took some time to advance on one of our side projects that will be online very soon. 2020 was tough and although we are not out of trouble yet in regard of Covid-19, we wish 2021 to be as wonderful as it can be.

Several projects are on the pipelines and naturally, everything took a hit with the outbreak and all the measures we had to take to stay afloat. Fortunately, one of our biggest projects on the go might be out only at the beginning of 2021 but we are really taking our time to deliver the best service possible as usual.

Once again, Happy New Year, may you and your surrounding stay healthy, this is the most important those days.

See you soon on KuSakuraShop.

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