2020~2021 New Year's Holidays

As you may know from our 2020 BCFM campaign, the COVID-19 outbreak and its repercussion on businesses has led us and our craftsmen to a pretty difficult situation.
Everyone needs rest especially in this end of the year, when it is supposed to be a celebration and happy moment we all spend with our family or our friends.

KuSakuraShop will be closed from December 30th to January 5th. We will back on track on January 6th (Tue).
Customer support will be kept at a minimum pace, so if you have some questions that can wait, we would recommend wait for all activities to resume.

Please note that all our manufacturing workshops and partners will also close at approximately the same dates.
All orders containing a product (made to order, out of stock products etc.) for which the production time includes this holiday period will be delayed by approximately 10 days. (All is taken into account on the estimated shipping date provided automatically at checkout.)

2020 has been harsh for everyone and we would like to send our biggest thanks to all those who ordered to support our craftsmen in the last 2 months.

All the KuSakuraShop team wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and sweet and wonderful holidays to everyone!

We are looking forward to serving you again in 2021!

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