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While the last petals of Sakura are flying away and as we slowly enter the new era in Japan, May is set to be a rather difficult month for our workshops in Osaka.

It is impossible to miss this news, but as we were relaying last month Emperor Akihito’s abdication and the enthronement of his eldest son the prince Naruhito have officially ended the ‘Heisei’ era (1989 - 2019) and started the new era named 'Reiwa' on April 30th, 2019.

It is an important event in Japan that we, at Kusakura, naturally decided to celebrate with our customers by offering 10% off our bestsellers from all our collections. Whether it is for an upcoming competition or because you would actually need some new equipment for the incoming summer, it is the dreamed occasion to upgrade yourself with the best models made in Kusakura such as the JOA, the JOEX Judogi, the JGK black belts and more. Note that this discount will end on May 30th, just before our charity event.

April Report

  • Last month was also a good occasion for Seido to complete its ‘Budo Studies’ program on The Life and Legacy of Donn F. Draeger with a fascinating first lecture from Hunter ‘Chip’ Armstrong. A key figure in Judo in the United States, but also in Japan, Donn F. Draeger reached his 4th dan at 26 and dedicated a huge part of his life to the development of Judo, becoming the leader of what would later become The United States Judo Federation. After having represented the States several times during International Championships such as the All-Japan Judo Championship, he dedicated himself to his writing and research about martial arts. Donn F. Draeger inspired generations of Judo practitioners, raising their curiosity about their art but also about traditional Japanese values.
    Seido throwback to his legacy with the lecture of four renowned names in martial art including two Judoka, Mr. Liam Keeley and Mr. Phil Relnick. This first lecture is a must-see for all passionate Judo and martial arts practitioners.
  • Our discount on all Kendo products has been a good occasion to show our know-how in other martial arts than Judo. These products have been well received by our customers claiming the usual Made in Kusakura proof of quality. This encourages us in our future plans to keep opening our collections to other martial arts.

Finally, due to the enthronement of Prince Naruhito, the month will begin with an exceptional 10 days off from April 27th to May 6th. Although our workshops and transporters will take some rest during this period, our team will keep answering your most urgent questions at a slower pace. Moreover, you will still be able to order on our website, but we would recommend waiting for the end of those long holidays if you are definitely not in a hurry.

A lot of things will happen in the coming months, so keep yourself informed with Kusakura! 

Enjoy the discount, have fun on the mats and see you in our shops! 

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