10% OFF on all Judogi + 5% FROM ALL ORDERS TO FIGHT THE COVID-19

In many countries, we, passionate practitioners, find ourselves confined, with the impossibility of practicing our passion at the Dojo, with our Senpai and our Sensei. Even though it is only temporary and we naturally know that it is for the common good, it is rather difficult to accept not being able to practice your art when you are truly dedicated to martial arts.

We are well aware that in these difficult times, the lockdown does not really help to keep morale high. And it is precisely for this reason that for the second part of April, we wish to please our customers, by launching a discount that we had not planned for, but which was highly awaited by many of you. Therefore, until May 1st, it is 10% on all Judogi stamped KuSakura that we offer. With this special discount, we hope to cheer your morale up and that it will allow you to spend the confinement a little bit better, knowing that you will be able to wear your brand new Judogi after the crisis.

In addition, as indicated in the special message from Gaëtan, manager of KuSakuraShop, we will continue to give 5% of all orders to the association Doctors Without Borders, a charity organization fighting against the spread of the Covid. We invite you to consult this communication report mentioning the situation in Japan but also the consequences that this unprecedented crisis has had on KuSakuraShop.

March Recap:

  • It was clearly the perfect month for our fellows Kendoka! Along with our monthly discount on all Kendogi & Hakama, we were thrilled to release our new KuSakura Kendo Shinai line! In this new collection, you will find all SG (Safety Goods) or SSP (Shinai Safety Promotion) certified Shinai.
  • Whether you need to transport 2, 3 or even 10 Shinai, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for within our new line of high-end weapon carry bags entirely Made in Japan! A first selection is already available online, but further carry bags are on track to be released soon!
  • They were quite popular and eagerly awaited by the Kyudo community, KuSakura’s Made in Japan Kyudo jacket and Hakama, both men and women models are back and this time, on KuSakuraShop for our international community! If you need a brand new high-end jacket or Hakama, you may want to check this new collection out!
  • Arrows, quiver and Giriko powder are some of the few Kyudo accessories that we released online! As usual, KuSakuraShop is certain to aim right by offering you only the best Kyudo equipment currently available on the market.
  • Apart from the new products, we also released a comprehensive guide on how to choose your Kendo Shinai on the KuSakuraShop Blog. If you are a Kendoka, and you don’t know if you should opt for a Dobari, Jissengata, a smoked Shinai or a carbon graphite one, this article might be able to catch your attention and help you out in your decision.

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